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July 20, 2021 gambling online 0

Someone is the mosque that the Halime has made Sultan and the other is the daughter of the İbrahim Pasa’s mosque. Saruhanoğlu Ishak Çelebi’s Mahmut Danişmend is given a farm in Marmara and the children of Mehmet and Ali, which is the children of Mahmet and Ali. They have been mutasarrıf with Ahmet and Mahmut Sagih Bill. Saruhanoğlu Marmara is a BAH Haji, which has been founded in Marmara, has been MUTASARRIF with the Bill of Billet, which is imam in Marmara.

Marmara is seen depending on Manisa since 1628. In1987, Marmara, the County, he has taken the name of the current Golmarmara, very nearby lake and marble stovets. According to the information in the book of Dr.Baki Sales, our tribes in Marmara, Gökçe Dutak tribe, the tribe of Gökçe Dutak, has been under the Greek occupation for our distribution for three years in our fighting years.

The Second World War Ended the Ottoman Empire has been signed on Yeniken Mondros Armistice. Starting from Kurşunlu on the Marmara Sea coast and Marmara Sea Sea, and the land in the south ended in the south of the Turkish Mediterranean coast in the south of the Line to Greece. In this region, in Manisa and its surroundings, the decision of the Commission in May 1919 Greek Reporting to the president, the occupation was asked to begin. On the 15th of May 1919, Greek soldiers with the help of the British Navy, and Greek soldiers went to Izmir and started to occupy the city from May. From May 26, Manisa and the surroundings were occupied. Meanwhile, fronts against Greek lines are started to be created. These are the red-i-ilhak sociations that will receive the legal name later. These laws have made many congresses in the months following the occupation. It has been the congress of the congress of the Congress of Milter in Manisa and Region in Manisa and Region. Alaşehir Kongresine has participated in Reşat and Hüsnu Bey from Marmara. After the convention, Salihli, Alasehir, Akhisar and Soma resistance facades have been more central and more disciplined structure. Akhisar MINDIZA commander Major Hüsnü has collected national forces from the Halit Pasha with the Halit Pasha with the Halit Pasha and the Halit Pasha with the Halit Pasha at the beginning of the Ministry of Nizamiye military and Marmara Naghis. The Greek Army with great taarruz starting from August 26, 1922 was a great defeat. When the Greek army escapes, they have made fires made of many massacres. In the 30 August Dumlupınar challenge Battle, the Greeks are fully defeated in the dates after this date manisa and surrounding districts are purified by the Greeks. September 6, 1922, Gölmarmara has been rid of enemy occupation.

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